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About us

Our members are:

Oliver van den Heever grew up in the real estate industry with his parents who had their own Real Estate Agency but he started his career as a limousine driver for one of Cape Town’s top luxury villa rental agency.  It was during this time that he gained invaluable experience in Customer Relations and Concierge Services.  He excelled in Customer Service and as a result was pulled into Sales which is where he developed strong win-win negotiation skills and further developed his interpersonal skills.  His strong people skills created an opportunity for him to start his own luxury living company and propelled him into Property Management.  Today he manages our Property Management Department where he manages villa owners’ properties on their behalf. 

Ryan Condon started his career in the Retail industry as a Sales Consultant but was approached by a leading villa rental agency to work for them in Sales.  His ability to discern customer’s needs and crunch numbers quickly made him one of the best sales consultants in the industry.  His numerical ability paved a path for him into Accountancy which led him to co-found Cape Town Beach Villas.  Ryan is the Head of our Accounts Department today but he remains a sought-after sales consultant to his returning clients and their referrals.

Carla van den Heever was a Buyer in the Construction industry and assisted contractors in acquiring the necessary material to complete projects.  It is during her employment in the Construction Industry that she acquired various skills in Minimalistic Design.  Her keen eye for detail and ability to transform nothing into something became a sought-after skill by villa owners who pride themselves on quality over quantity.  Carla is the Head of Interior Inspection & Design for Cape Town Beach Villas.  She ensures her departments delivers pristine clean villas to our clients and minimalistic interior upgrade designs to our villa owners.

Stephanie Lloyd started her career in the Legal field as a Conveyancing secretary but later moved into the exciting field of Sales and Marketing.   She acquired 10 years of Sales and Marketing Administration experience in various fields before joining Cape Town Beach Villas.   Stephanie was approached by Cape Town Beach Villas in 2016 to manage their Marketing and Sales Departments.

Macdonald Phiri is our Concierge Manager who worked in the Hotel Industry as a Cleaning Manager.  He excelled at managing staff and being of service to hotel guests but his natural talent to cook led him to the USA where he trained to become a Chef.  He provided Chef services in the USA for several years before he returned to Cape Town to join Cape Town Beach Villas as our Concierge Manager.  Macdonald manages our cleaning staff, client arrivals and provides excellent chef services to clients who have requested it.  

Cape Town Beach Villas is a mix-match of experiences and skills which is what makes us great.  Every member of our team adds a unique touch to our brand of luxury living . We are knowledgeable, equipped and skilled at what we do which is to provide the best luxury holiday experience for you!


About us

Cape Town Beach Villas is a well-known luxury villa rental agency that provides its clients with a variety of holiday accommodation in Cape Town.

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